Angular Weekly 2017-02-01

Package of the week
Angular l10nRoberto Simonetti
Angular Localization – An Angular library to translate messages, dates and numbers

The nice thing about this library is that it has great documentation, good support, works and is tested in different Angular systems. This library supports AoT, treeshaking with rollup or with webpack, works seemlessly with Angular-CLI, can be used with Ionic 2 or Angular 2 Meteor.

This library is developed using TypeScript and Angular 2 for i18n and l10n of Angular 2 apps written in TypeScript, ES5 or ES6. It allows, in addition to translation, to localize numbers and dates of your app, adding language code, country code, and optionally script code, numbering system and calendar, through Internationalization API. It also implements the validation of numbers by locales.

Documentation, code | npm

Angular release & docs
4.0.0-beta.5 (2017-01-25) and 2.4.5 (2017-01-25)
Angular Docs: Deployment


Todd Motto   Mastering Angular dependency injection with @Inject, @Injectable, tokens and providers – Todd Motto
Max Lynch   Announcing Ionic 2.0.0 Final – Max Lynch
TJ VanToll   Angular 2: What’s Working, What Needs Work and Where It’s Heading – TJ VanToll
Jeff Cross   Angular: Is AOT Worth It? – Jeff Cross
Fabian Gosebrink   How to implement a table filter in Angular – Fabian Gosebrink
Daniele Zurico   Dockerize your Angular application – Daniele Zurico
Austin   Charts with SVGs in Angular2+ – Austin
Jad Joubran   Angular Cinema: Progressive Web Apps with – Jad Joubran
Jeremy Likness   Angular 2 CLI Container – Jeremy Likness
Netanel Basal   RxJS — Six Operators That you Must Know – Netanel Basal
Meligy   Use Yarn Package Manager In Your Angular CLI Projects – Meligy
Torgeir Helgevold   Angular application bundles – Torgeir Helgevold
Daniele Zurico   Angular or React – Daniele Zurico
Angular2 — Sticky Header (Scroll-Then-Fix) – Elia Palme

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Firebase + Angular 2
Tonight 1. Februar 2017 in Basel

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