Angular Weekly 2017-03-15

Angular release & docs
4.0.0-rc.3 | angular-cli rc2


Juri Strumpflohner Angular Modules vs ES6 Modules – Juri Strumpflohner
Marius Schulz TypeScript 2.2: Null-Checking for Expression Operands – Marius Schulz
Scott Hanselman Getting Started with Angular with Jeff Cross – Scott Hanselman
Daniele Zurico Angular and Horizon for realtime application – Daniele Zurico
Abhishek Maitrey Angular 4 and What is Coming Up Next – Abhishek Maitrey
Ryan Clark, Todd Motto Ahead-of-Time Compiler for Webpack. ultimate angular – Ryan Clark, Todd Motto
Ben Lesh Thinking Reactively with RxJS 5 – Ben Lesh
Todd Motto Configurable Reactive Forms in Angular with dynamic components – Todd Motto
Scott Arciszewski JWT (JSON Web Tokens) is a Bad Standard That Everyone Should Avoid – Scott Arciszewski
Laurent Duveau Upgrade from Angular 2.x to Angular 4! – Laurent Duveau
Stephen Fluin Angular update and v4 – Stephen Fluin

Upcoming Events

Observables in Angular
Angular Zürich
18:30 bis 21:00 Montag, 20. März 2017
Allmendstrasse 140, Zürich

Jazoon Bern
Gurten Pavillon, 3084 Wabern, Bern, Switzerland

Angular Universal with Express.js Demo
Angular Basel
Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017
Klybeckstrasse, Basel


Regristation opened
23. Mai 2017
Microsoft, Wallisellen

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