Angular Weekly 2017-04-05

Angular releases & docs
4.0.1 (2017-03-29) 4.1.0-beta.0 (2017-03-29)


Sani Yusuf Progressively Mobile with Ionic – Sani Yusuf
Dave M Bush Jedi Angular 2 Tips and Tricks – Dave M Bush
Jecelyn Yeen Using Pug (Jade) with Angular (with CLI) – Jecelyn Yeen
Eric Elliott Learn to Code: 13 Tips that Could Save You Years of Effort – Eric Elliott
TJ VanToll NativeScript Supports Angular 4 – TJ VanToll
Kim Maida Managing State in Angular with ngrx/store – Kim Maida
Maxim Koretskyi Everything you need to know about change detection in Angular – Maxim Koretskyi
Christoph Burgdorf Three things you didn’t know about the AsyncPipe – Christoph Burgdorf

OpenID Connect
OpenID Connect Session Management 1.0 – draft 28
OpenID Connect Front-Channel Logout 1.0 – draft 02
OpenID Connect Back-Channel Logout 1.0 – draft 04
Authors: Breno de Medeiros, Naveen Agarwal, Nat Sakimura, John Bradley, Michael B. Jones

Upcoming Events

Jazoon Bern
Gurten Pavillon, 3084 Wabern, Bern, Switzerland

Angular Universal with Express.js Demo
Angular Basel
Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017
Klybeckstrasse, Basel

dotnetday (sold out!)

Registration opened
23. Mai 2017
Microsoft, Wallisellen

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