Angular weekly 2017-08-16

Angular releases & docs 4.3.4
angular-cli 1.3.0


Hendrik Wouters Single-Page Application built on ANGULAR-AUTH-OIDC-CLIENT with Azure AD B2C – Hendrik Wouters
Fiyaz Hasan Lazy-loading NgModules in ASP.NET Core AngularSPA – Fiyaz Hasan
Robert Leckenby Create QR codes with ngx-qrcode2 – Robert Leckenby
Vatsaev Aslan angular-contacts-app-example – Vatsaev Aslan
Netanel Basal Enough with the Frameworks War – Netanel Basal
Poki Engineering Front-end Walkthrough: Designing a Single Page Application Architecture – Poki Engineering
Victor Savkin RxJS Advanced Techniques: Testing Race Conditions Using RxJS Marbles – Victor Savkin
Fabian Gosebrink Angular – New HTTP interface with interceptors – Fabian Gosebrink
Gerard Sans Angular — Supercharge your Router transitions using new animation features (v4.3+) – Gerard Sans
Ryan Chenkie Angular Authentication: Using Route Guards – Ryan Chenkie
Cory Rylan Angular Component Inheritance and Template Swapping – Cory Rylan
JP Sio A Quick Practical Example of JavaScript’s Reduce Function – JP Sio
Kim Maida Real-World Angular Series – Part 8: Lazy Loading, Production Deployment, SSL – Kim Maida
Dominic Elm A web animations deep dive with Angular – Dominic Elm
Aurelio De Rosa Preparing for ECMAScript 6: let and const – Aurelio De Rosa
Niklas Heidloff Angular Form Validations with Redux for multiple Routes – Niklas Heidloff
Brecht Billiet Thinking reactively in Angular and RXJS – Brecht Billiet
Loiane Groner Getting Started with Angular Material 2 – Loiane Groner
Maxim Koretskyi Angular deprecates ReflectiveInjector and introduces StaticInjector. Should you care? – Maxim Koretskyi
Miles Malerba Taking Advantage of the Angular Material Datepicker – Miles Malerba
Ciro Nunes The new Angular HttpClient API – Ciro Nunes

Upcoming Events

Angular Meetup Basel – End to End Testing and CI
Mittwoch, 30. August 2017, 19:00
Klybeckstrasse 190

Theming Angular Applications with Angular Material
Montag, 21. August 2017
18:30 bis 21:00

Artificial Intelleigence meets Developers
Jazoon Zürich
26th, 27th October 2017
ConventionPoint Zürich

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