Weekly 2018-09-26

Angular releases & docs

angular: 6.1.8, 7.0.0-beta.6 (2018-09-19)
angular-cli: v6.2.3, v7.0.0-beta.4
angular material2: 6.4.7, 7.0.0-beta.2
Twitter feed for all your releases: Release Butler


David Strahm
Run Cypress e2e Tests in an Angular project on Team City
David Strahm (@dstrhm)

Prateek Bhatnagar
My experience writing a webpack’s child compiler plugin.
Prateek Bhatnagar (@_prateekbh)

Sacha Barber
ParcelJs vs Webpack
Sacha Barber

Pascal Precht  🐦
Pascal Precht 🐦 (@PascalPrecht)

Chimezie Enyinnaya
Demystifying The Service Worker Lifecycle
Chimezie Enyinnaya (@ammezie)

Angular Guru
10 Useful Angular Features You Might Not Have Heard Of
Angular Guru (@TheAngularGuru)

Nate Lapinski
Angular Router Series: Secondary Outlets Primer
Nate Lapinski (@nate_lapinski)

Upcoming Events

Angular & Typescript Workshop

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