Weekly 2018-11-28

Angular releases & docs

angular: 7.1.0 (2018-11-21)
angular-cli: v7.1.0
angular material2: 7.1.0
Twitter feed for all your releases: Release Butler


Max Koretskyi
Implementing advanced DOM manipulation scenarios
Max Koretskyi (@maxim_koretskyi)

Angular University
Angular Material Dialog: A Complete Example
Angular University (@AngularUniv)

Fabian Gosebrink
Online and Offline Sync with Angular and IndexedDb
Fabian Gosebrink (@FabianGosebrink)

Netanel Basal
Manage HTTP Downtime with Angular, RxJS, and HTTP Interceptors
Netanel Basal (@NetanelBasal)

Uri Shaked
My Adventures Running Angular Ivy inside StackBlitz: Yes, It Is Possible!
Uri Shaked (@UriShaked)

Mithun Pattankar
Angular Elements – How to use in ASP.NET Core using Angular CLI?
Mithun Pattankar (@mithunpattankar)

Upcoming Events

Swiss Angular: PWA with Angular & Firebase
Montag, 3. Dezember 2018
18:00 bis 20:00
Impact Hub Colab – Loft Corner, 4th floor
Sihlquai 131 · Zürich

Advanced Angular Schulung: Enterprise-Anwendungen und Architektur
12.12 – 15.12.2018 Wien
17.12 – 19.12.2018 Zürich


uphill conf
2nd, 3rd May 2019

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