Weekly 2019-04-24

Angular releases & docs

angular: 7.2.13, 8.0.0-beta.13 (2019-04-16)
angular-cli: v7.3.8, v8.0.0-beta.17
angular material2: 7.3.7, 8.0.0-beta.2
Twitter feed for all your releases: Release Butler


Netanel Basal
What’s New in RxJS v6.5
Netanel Basal (@NetanelBasal)

Netanel Basal
Detect Unsaved Changes in Angular Forms
Netanel Basal (@NetanelBasal)

Tomas Trajan
Why And How To Lazy Load Angular Libraries
Tomas Trajan (@tomastrajan)

Marius Schulz
TypeScript 2.9: Importing JSON Modules

Marius Schulz (@mariusschulz)

John Papa
When npm tells you you’re hosed
John Papa (@John_Papa)

Benjamin Cabanes
Angular CLI — Demystifying the workspace
Benjamin Cabanes (@bencabanes)

Upcoming Events

BärnerJS Talks Uphill Edition
Thursday, May 2, 2019
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Lambda IT
Waldeggstrasse 30 · Liebefeld

uphill conf
2nd, 3rd May 2019


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