Weekly 2019-08-21

Angular releases & docs

angular: 8.2.2, 9.0.0-next.2 (2019-08-12)
angular-cli: 8.2.2, v8.3.0-rc.0
angular material2: 8.1.3
Twitter feed for all your releases: Release Butler


Manfred Steyer
Architecture with Angular Ivy – Part 2: Higher order and dynamic Components
Manfred Steyer @ManfredSteyer

Netanel Basal
Introducing Transloco: Angular Internationalization Done Right
Netanel Basal @NetanelBasal

Netanel Basal
The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Feature Flags in Angular Applications
Netanel Basal @NetanelBasal

Tomas Trajan
The Best Way To Lazy Load Angular Elements
Tomas Trajan @tomastrajan

Jonathan Saring
Sharing Components Between Angular Applications
Jonathan Saring

Nils Mehlhorn
Tracking errors in Angular with Sentry
Nils Mehlhorn @n_mehlhorn

Nils Mehlhorn
Implementing undo-redo with NgRx or Redux
Nils Mehlhorn @n_mehlhorn

lacolaco / Suguru Inatomi
Managing Key-Value Constants in TypeScript
lacolaco / Suguru Inatomi @laco2net

Deborah Kurata
What Is a Higher-Order Observable?
Deborah Kurata @DeborahKurata

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