Angular Templates, Seeds, Starter Kits

Only templates, seeds, starter kits which support AOT, Lazy loading and break point debugging are recommended here. If these features are not supported by the seed, starter kit, template, it should not be used. If you know of a good template, starter kit, or seed which you use, or would like to add to the list, please contact us, and we will add it.

damienbod github: Angular Webpack and Visual Studio

Description, supports AOT, Lazy Loading, HMR, uses Webpack

An ASP.NET Core server, Angular with Webpack client starter kit with Visual Studio 2017, 2015 with templates for Angular 2 and 4, client debugging in Visual Studio using Chrome, HMR npm scripts, support for AOT and client lazy loading.

Angular CLI

Description, supports AOT, Lazy Loading, HMR, Testing, uses Webpack

The Angular CLI is a tool to initialize, develop, scaffold and maintain Angular applications


Description, supports AOT, Lazy Loading, HMR, Testing, uses Webpack

An Angular Starter kit featuring Angular 2 and Angular 4 (Router, Http, Forms, Services, Tests, E2E, Dev/Prod, HMR, Async/Lazy Routes, AoT via ngc), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript 2, TsLint, Codelyzer, Hot Module Replacement, @types, and Webpack 2 by @AngularClass

mgechev angular-seed

Description, supports AOT, Testing

Extensible, reliable and modular starter project for Angular 2 (and beyond) with statically typed build and AoT compilation.