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Weekly 2019-12-03

Angular releases & docs

angular: 9.0.0-rc.4 (2019-11-27), 8.2.14
angular-cli: v9.0.0-rc.4
angular material2: 9.0.0-rc.4 “samite-semicolon” (2019-11-22)
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Dhananjay Kumar
Deploy Your Angular App to Azure with ng deploy
Dhananjay Kumar @debug_mode

Santosh Yadav
Overriding Angular Schematics
Santosh Yadav @Santosh19742211

Rocky Segarra
Adding Font Awesome to an Angular CLI project using npm
Rocky Segarra

Brandon Roberts
Storybook support, run-many command, UI improvements, and more in Nx 8.8
Brandon Roberts @brandontroberts

Alain Chautard
How to change the page title and meta tags with Angular?
Alain Chautard @AlainChautard

Manfred Steyer
6 Steps to your Angular-based Microfrontend Shell
Manfred Steyer @ManfredSteyer

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