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Weekly 2019-04-17

Angular releases & docs

angular: 7.2.13, 8.0.0-beta.12 (2019-04-13)
angular-cli: v7.3.8, v8.0.0-beta.14
angular material2: 7.3.7, 8.0.0-beta.2
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Liran Tal
How to improve your npm identity security with 2FA and Tokens
Liran Tal (@liran_tal)

Christoph Guttandin
Shake off dev dependencies with Angular’s environment files
Christoph Guttandin

Manfred Steyer
How to improve your npm identity security with 2FA and Tokens
Manfred Steyer (@ManfredSteyer )

Ben Nadel
More Fun With Recursive Components, Tree State, And One-Way Data Flow In Angular 7.2.13
Ben Nadel (@BenNadel)

Ben Nadel
Using “replaceUrl” In Order To Honor The Back-Button While Chaining Absolute Redirects In Angular 7.2.13
Ben Nadel (@BenNadel)

Ben Nadel
Chaining Absolute And Local Redirects With The Router In Angular 7.2.13
Ben Nadel (@BenNadel)

David Pine
Deploying and Running Angular ASP.NET Core Video Chat Applications on Microsoft Azure
David Pine (@davidpine7)

David Pine
Angular Context: Easy Data-Binding for Nested Component Trees and the Router Outlet
Levent Arman Özak (@ArmanOzak)

Upcoming Events

BärnerJS Talks Uphill Edition
Thursday, May 2, 2019
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Lambda IT
Waldeggstrasse 30 · Liebefeld

uphill conf
2nd, 3rd May 2019


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