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weekly 2017-10-18

Angular releases & docs

angular: 5.0.0-rc.2 (2017-10-12) and 4.4.5
angular-cli: v1.5.0-beta.4
angular material2 2.0.0-beta.12


Dan Wahlin 5 Key Benefits of Angular and TypeScript – Dan Wahlin
Alex Eagle Angular with Bazel and Closure – Alex Eagle
Éverton Roberto Auler Angular 5 universal with Transfer State using @angular/cli – Éverton Roberto Auler
Lorenzo Pasqualis 9 Software Engineering Career Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs – Lorenzo Pasqualis
Michal Dymel Preload data before app init in Angular – Michal Dymel
Brad Green AngularMix Keynote by Brad Green – Brad Green

Upcoming Events

One Year of Angular Basel Meetup
Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017, 19:00
Klybeckstrasse 190, Basel

Advanced TypeScript mit Marius Schulz
Bern: Mon, 06 Nov 2017, 06:00 PM (CET)
Luzern 7.11.2017

uphill conf
26th-28th April 2018

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