Angular Weekly 2017-02-15

Package of the week
ng2-completerOfer Herman
Angular Localization – Angular autocomplete component

This component from Ofer Herman works well and with problem using AoT. It has good documentation and can be styled or changed as required.


An autocomplete component which can connect easily to different data sources.

Documentation, code | npm

Angular release & docs
4.0.0-beta.7 (2017-02-09) and 2.4.7 (2017-02-09)


Dan Wahlin 10 Angular and TypeScript Projects to Take You From Zero to Hero – Dan Wahlin
Jecelyn Yeen Using HammerJS (Touch gesture) in Angular 2 – Jecelyn Yeen
Bram Borggreve Using Yarn with Angular CLI – Bram Borggreve
Tamás Sallai Why Webpack 2’s Tree Shaking is not as effective as you think – Tamás Sallai
Tamás Sallai Getting started with Browserify – Tamás Sallai
John Peters TypeScript and the Async/Await Construct – John Peters
Joe Eames Lesson: Understanding TypeScript’s Types – Joe Eames
Feras Khoursheed WebPack is not the only way – Feras Khoursheed
Sergio Cruz Getting Components to Communicate in Angular – Sergio Cruz
Thomas Burleson and Aaron Frost Introduction to Angular Material – Thomas Burleson and Aaron Frost
Meligy Successfully Upgrade Your angular-cli App (Beta 28 & Below) To The Latest @angular/cli Beta – Meligy
Ben Nadel Using NgOnChanges Collection With Dot-Notation And TypeScript In Angular 2.4.4 – Ben Nadel
Addy Osmani JavaScript Start-up Performance – Addy Osmani
Sanjay Purswani Optimising the front end for the browser – Sanjay Purswani
Akshay Nihalaney Real World Angular – Part 4: State of my SPA – Akshay Nihalaney
Shawn Wildermuth Why I Moved to Vue.js from Angular 2 – Shawn Wildermuth
Meligy Shared Modules In Angular Apps: Providers Best Practices And What Does `forRoot()` Do? – Meligy
Gerard Sans Angular 2 — Testing Guide – Gerard Sans

Upcoming Events

TypeScript Switzerland

Lightning Talks, Workshops, Social Event
Di, 21. Feb 18:00
Renuo AG, Industriestrasse 44, Wallisellen

Angular Basel
Angular and C# .Net as Backend
Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017 19:00

Jazoon Bern
Gurten Pavillon, 3084 Wabern, Bern, Switzerland

23. Mai 2017
Microsoft, Wallisellen

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