Angular weekly 2017-05-31

Angular releases & docs
angular 4.2.0-rc.0 (2017-05-19) 4.1.3 (2017-05-17)
angular cli v1.0.6 & v1.1.0-rc.2


Cory Rylan Angular Accessibility Tips and Tricks – Cory Rylan
Pascal Precht Custom themes with Angular Material – Pascal Precht
Johannes Ewald The state of JavaScript modules – Johannes Ewald
Marc Hemeon How to not suck at design, a 5 minute guide for the non-designer. – Marc Hemeon
Netanel Basal Implementing Auth Guard with Componentless Route in Angular – Netanel Basal
Netanel Basal Testing Dumb Components in Angular – Netanel Basal
Torgeir Helgevold Error Handling in RxJs – Torgeir “Tor” Helgevold
Christos Sakellarios ReactiveX Operators in Angular – Playground – Christos Sakellarios
Tobias Koppers The new CSS workflow (step 1) – Tobias Koppers
Victor Savkin Upgrading from AngularJS to Angular: Talk + Blog Posts + Book – Victor Savkin

Upcoming Events

Lightning Talks, Workshops, Social Event
Typescript Swizerland
Dienstag, 20. Jun, 18:00

Implementing security for Angular and ASP.NET Core APIs
Basel .NET User Group
Montag, 26. Juni 2017, 18:00
YooApplications AG
Aeschenplatz 4, Basel

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