Angular weekly 2017-06-07

Angular releases & docs
angular 4.2.0-rc.2 (2017-06-01)

Webpack releases


Zeke Sikelianos Announcing TypeScript support in Electron – Zeke Sikelianos
Stephen Fluin State of the Angular Service Worker – Stephen Fluin
tiagoroldao Using Google Optimize with Angular – tiagoroldao
Maxim Koretskyi Here is what you need to know about dynamic components in Angular – Maxim Koretskyi
Kahlee Thomson Talks About Running Your Personal Website In Cloud With Angular 2+ & AWS – Kahlee Thomson
Minko Gechev Angular Performance Checklist – Minko Gechev
Maximum Hadokoa How to use a service inside another service in Angular 2? – Maximum Hadokoa
Netanel Basal Querying a Normalized State with RxJS in Angular – Netanel Basal
Marius Schulz TypeScript 2.3: Generic Parameter Defaults – Marius Schulz
Manfred Steyer Shrinking Angular Bundles with Closure – Manfred Steyer

Upcoming Events

Lightning Talks, Workshops, Social Event
Typescript Swizerland
Dienstag, 20. Jun, 18:00

Implementing security for Angular and ASP.NET Core APIs
Basel .NET User Group
Montag, 26. Juni 2017, 18:00
YooApplications AG
Aeschenplatz 4, Basel

Angular Meetup Basel – with little demo/talk (tdb.)
Angular Basel
Dienstag, 28. June 2017, 19:00
Klybeckstrasse, Basel

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