Weekly 2017-09-13

Angular releases & docs 5.0.0-beta.6 (2017-09-03)
angular-cli v1.4.1 https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/releases


Alex Eagle Building Angular apps at scale – Alex Eagle
Aaron Marisi Creating the First Screen with Angular Material – Aaron Marisi
Brandon Morelli Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools – Brandon Morelli
Elena Modularization and dependency management: three steps to better code – Elena
angular-university JWT: The Complete Guide to JSON Web Tokens – angular-university
Jonathan Yee Hey TypeScript, where’s my I-prefixed interface! – Jonathan Yee
webdave PWA mit Angular (de) – webdave
Brian Love Updating To NgRx 4 – Brian Love
Torgeir Helgevold Angular AoT In Watch Mode – Torgeir “Tor” Helgevold
Kara Erickson Angular Core Team Member Kara Erickson Talks About Improving Forms with Reactive Programming – Kara Erickson

Upcoming Events

Artificial Intelleigence meets Developers
Jazoon Zürich
26th, 27th October 2017
ConventionPoint Zürich

uphill conf
26th-28th April 2018

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