weekly 2018-07-18

Angular releases & docs

angular: 6.0.9 (2018-07-11) and 6.1.0-rc.0 (2018-07-11)
angular-cli: v6.1.0-rc.2
angular material2: 6.4.0 dimeritium-dandelion
Twitter feed for all your releases: Release Butler



50 Cheatsheets, References and Guides for CSS
Speckyboy Web Design Magazine (@speckyboy)

Manfred Steyer
Angular Elements, Part I: A Dynamic Dashboard In Four Steps With Web Components
Manfred Steyer (@ManfredSteyer)

Angular 6 Chatbot Client
yuriburger (@juriburger)

Daniel Rosenwasser
Announcing TypeScript 3.0 RC
Daniel Rosenwasser (@drosenwasser)

Stephen Fluin
Building Addressable Dialogs with Angular (Video)
Stephen Fluin (@stephenfluin)

angular university
Comprehensive Guide to Higher-Order RxJs Mapping Operators: switchMap, mergeMap, concatMap (and exhaustMap)
Angular University (@AngularUniv)

Netanel Basal
Introducing Akita: A New State Management Pattern for Angular Applications
Netanel Basal (@NetanelBasal)

Ben Nadel
Timezone In Date .toTimeString() Is Not Always An Abbreviation In JavaScript
Accessing Parent Route Params Via paramsInheritanceStrategy In Angular 6.0.7
Ben Nadel (@BenNadel)

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