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Weekly 2019-10-16

Angular releases & docs

angular: 8.2.10, 9.0.0-next.10 (2019-10-09)
angular-cli: 8.3.9, v9.0.0-next.9
angular material2: 8.2.3
Twitter feed for all your releases: Release Butler


Liran Tal
Why npm lockfiles can be a security blindspot for injecting malicious modules
Liran Tal @liran_tal

Kevin Kreuzer
How to test Observables
Kevin Kreuzer @kreuzercode

Netanel Basal
Creating Behavioral Components in Angular
Netanel Basal @NetanelBasal

Francesco Leardini
Discover Iterative DOM, the magic behind Angular Ivy
Francesco Leardini @paco_ITA

Jehad Affoneh
Clarity’s future: user-focused, framework-independent, accessible, enterprise-ready, and open source.
Jehad Affoneh @jaffoneh

Matthias Junker
10 Things Every Angular Developer Should Know About Zone.js
Matthias Junker @matt_junker

Kevin Kreuzer
Kevin Kreuzer @kreuzercode

Ben Coveney
Celebrating Another Year of TypeScript
Ben Coveney

Chidume Nnamdi
Creating Modals in Angular
Chidume Nnamdi @ngArchangel

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